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How to Join a Carpenter Union

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Joining a union can help you protect your job and help ensure that you will be paid fairly and work under safe conditions. Labor unions protect the rights of workers by fighting for their members' rights and to guarantee that they will have a pension when they retire. Unions also can help their members find affordable health care. Carpenters' unions, like most labor unions, strive to create a more stable and productive workforce.

Choose which union you would like to join. Ask your fellow carpenters which union they belong to and if they would recommend that you join.

Contact the local office or council of the union that you wish to join. For example, if you are planning to join the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, go to the Union's website and click on the link, "How to Join." This will bring you to a page with a link for more information on how to find your local council. This, in turn, will then bring you to a page with a feature that will allow you to search for local representatives, or councils, in your area.

Contact the representative in your area. This may be achieved by visiting the website of your local union office and emailing your representative, or by phoning him or her directly.

Complete the necessary application for union membership. Be sure that you fully understand your work-related responsibilities and dues as a member before joining.


Some work sites will require you to join a particular union before coming to work. Be sure to ask when starting a new job or contract. If the majority of workers on your crew are not union members, ask them if they would be interested in joining a union. Explain the benefits and opportunities for advanced training that are offered by union membership, and contact your local council for advice on how to unionize your job site.


Membership in some carpenters' unions is contingent upon your skill level. The union may require you to complete more advanced training before allowing you to join.