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How to Calculate the Mid Point of a Salary Range

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The midpoint of a salary range is halfway between the high end and low end. If a salary range is listed as $45,000 to $55,000, for instance, the midpoint is $50,000. A new hire with minimal experience normally starts at the low end of a salary range. You typically need a few years of experience to start at the midpoint of a salary range.

Salary Negotiations

Employers view the midpoint of a salary range as the market value for an experienced worker. Therefore, your job offer would usually fall at or near the low end if you don't have strong experience for the position. To negotiate a salary at or near the midpoint, you must come equipped with proof that you can perform like a skilled worker from day one. Additionally, you should research typical salaries with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other employers to determine whether an employer is fairly evaluating market value of the job.

Midpoint Example

In its wages summary for "retail salespersons," the BLS indicated the midpoint of typical pay for employees was $21,140, as of May 2013. This midpoint means half of retail salespeople made at or above this mark, while half made at or below this mark. With moderate experience, you should normally expect pay similar to this level.


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