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How do I Note Hourly Pay in a Cover Letter?

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A cover letter is an important part of your job application, along with your resume, and provides the potential employer with an introduction to you as a worker. Including your salary requirements, your previous salary, or your required hourly pay in a cover letter can be awkward, but many companies prefer to know up front what you are expecting from the job. Do your research before writing the cover letter to be sure the hourly pay you indicate is on par with the average.

Write the introductory and body paragraphs of the cover letter first, explaining what position you are applying for and what skills and experience you have that qualify you for the job. Indicate whether you are entry level, somewhat experienced, or very experienced, as this will have an effect on your wages.

Write the final paragraph, and indicate that you have researched hourly pay information based on the request of the employer. Be prepared to have evidence of your research in case the employer asks about it.

Write a range for the hourly pay, rather than an exact amount. For example, "$12 to $18 an hour." This gives you room to negotiate for better pay if you are offered the job.

Indicate in your closing sentence that you are willing to discuss the wage and would love the opportunity to learn more about the position.


Include only your current hourly pay, or expected hourly pay, in the cover letter if requested by the prospective employer.