How to Get a Supervisor's Job

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Begin by researching what degree, certifications and formal experience you will need in order to work as a supervisor. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, locate a training program that will help you earn the proper credentials. After you have determined that you met the basic requirements for a supervisor’s job, ensure that you have strong references and demonstrable management skills.

Develop strong leadership skills. Supervisors must have strong leadership abilities and be able to work with persons from diverse backgrounds. If you don’t have supervisory experience, take a part-time volunteer position that will allow you to develop your leadership skills.

Contact references that can vouch for your supervisory abilities. Prior to submitting your application, talk to your professional references and discuss the leadership skills and management background that would help you land a supervisor’s job.

Create a resume that focuses on your teambuilding and leadership skills. Revise your existing resumé to emphasize positions where you have supervised others, led teams and managed finances or policies. Include volunteer and social activities in addition to paid positions.

Work your way up to a supervisory position. If you don’t have sufficient work experience to get a supervisor’s job, consider accepting a lower-level position that will allow you to advance into a supervisory role once you prove that you are a strong leader.