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How to Apply Makeup to a Deceased Person

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Very few families will bring their own makeup to a funeral home, ready to complete the makeup of their deceased loved one, by choice. The morgue cosmeticians are not obligated to paint the nails of the deceased a certain color or apply pink lip gloss to the deceased's lips, however, if requested, these extra services may be carried out. Should you want to apply makeup yourself, though, the necessary steps must be done precisely and in full detail to make the person look like they did while alive, as much as possible.

Applying the Makeup

Apply a base color to the face, neck and hands. Take the foundation brush and apply a healthy amount to it and begin with the forehead. Sweep evenly around to the cheeks and then the nose. Move further down to the neck but try not to have to reapply too much or it could get on the collar (if there is one) of the deceased.

Take the blush brush and apply light blush on the cheek bones. Don't overexaggerate the blush by darkening it too much. Keep it within natural range.

Now you will want to begin tweezing the hairs of the woman's upper lip area and eyebrows on all people. Take a bit from the eyebrow region toward the end of the eyebrow. Don't aim for fancy or tweeze to thin a brow frame. The object is for the deceased to regain natural appearance. Check his or her fingernails and, if not cut evenly, do so with your own clippers.

Apply lip liner (if any) first and apply lipstick afterward. Place a napkin over the lips and use your blush brush to brush blot powder slightly across the napkin. This will help it to sustain for a long period of time. Use the eyeshadow brush to shade in some natural or slightly toned eyeshadow on their lids. Consider that this is a serious moment and not a party you're dressing a child for--not too many shades together!

Finally, take the pad in your blot powder case and blot the face, neck, and even hands of the deceased person you are finishing on. Make sure the finished product looks even and natural. Hints of color in the right spots and the shine of their skin are sealed in if the powder is properly done.