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How to Get a Day Off by Faking a Family Death

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How to Get a Day Off by Faking a Family Death. If you need a convincing excuse to get a day off work, faking a family member's death just might work. A boss is not very likely to make you come in to work after your grandma passes away. Even so, there are a few things to remember so that your boss doesn't catch you.

Choose a family member that you are going to say died. Don't pick a very close family member, such as a father or sister, as you might accidentally reveal that the person isn't actually dead in a later conversation. You could even make up an imaginary family member, such as an aunt or uncle.

Tell your boss about the death a day or two before the imaginary funeral since most people know it take a few days to make funeral arrangements. Have a believable story ready in case your boss has questions for you. Mention that your family asked you to be a part of the funeral, such as a casket bearer.

Pick a location for the funeral that is a short distance from the town you live in, but far enough away that most people won't be familiar with the area. Don't stay in town on the day you are supposed to be at the funeral, or else hide your car in your garage.

Catch up on work as much as possible before the day of the supposed funeral. Ask your boss what he needs you to do before your day off. This will impress your boss and make it look like you aren't just being lazy.


If you need a long weekend to go out of town, this is the perfect excuse. There are websites available where you can purchase a fake funeral program, but be wary, getting caught using something like this could get you fired.


Don't use this excuse if it's likely that someone in your family will actually die in the near future. If you end up having another funeral to attend in the next month or so, you will arouse suspicions. Don't take out a fake obituary in a newspaper to make your excuse appear legitimate, as it is illegal. Officials will likely arrest you for tampering with records.