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How to Study for the Pharmacy Technician Exam

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The test administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is the exam that grants a pharm tech the eligibility to work within pharmacies in a professional capacity. The pharm tech exam is not easy, and it will require diligent studying and preparation. Proper preparation will give you the best chance to pass the test and receive your certification.

Study the roles of the pharm tech in assisting the pharmacist. Two-thirds of the pharmacy technician examination tests the working knowledge of the pharm tech's role in aiding the lead pharmacist.

Review the monitoring and systems of medication distributing. Learn the technical regulations and laws in place that affect the pharmacy tech. Review this important subject as part of your pharmacy tech practice exam.

Take pharmacy technician practice tests. The 90 question test has many practice versions, both online and in print. Take several pharmacy tech practice tests to familiarize yourself with the possible content and style of the test.

Reread pharmacy technician training books. The textbooks that got you your degree make for excellent pharmacy technician exam review material.

Talk to people who have already taken the test. Those who have already passed the exam can be good resources to tap into for insight into exam material and testing tips.

Contact your former classmates to form a study group. Reviewing the practice tests out loud with others can help you remember the information.

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