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How to Obtain an Armed Security Guard License in New York State

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Anyone wanting to become an armed security guard in New York must obtain a security guard license. Security guard positions may include reporting unlawful or unauthorized activity, protecting people or property against unlawful activity, and street patrol. Security guards allowed to carry a firearm must complete the standard security guard license application for New York and successfully finish a 47-hour firearms course.

Meet the basic requirements. Applicants for a security guard license in New York must be at least 18 and a citizen or resident alien authorized to work in the United States. A person must also not have been convicted of a serious criminal offense, and must complete an eight-hour preassignment training course. The preassignment training is a general introductory course, and a certificate of course completion must be mailed with your security guard license application.

Complete necessary training. Training includes the eight-hour preassignment training course, 16 hours of on-the-job training, eight hours of annual in-service training, a 47-hour firearms course and an eight-hour annual firearms course. Details of each training program can be found on the security guard license application. To sign up for training, visit the “Security Guard Training Courses” link located under Resources. You must submit a copy of the certificate for the eight-hour preassignment training course as well as a copy of the certificate for the 47-hour firearms course with your security guard application. The other training requirements occur after employment.

Apply for the armed security license. Navigate to the New York Department of State website (see Resources). Hover your mouse over the “Licensed Professions / Occupations” on the left-hand side of the page and a submenu will drop down. From this submenu, select the “Licensed Professions and Occupations” link. Scroll down to the “Security Guard” link located in the center of the page and select it. Click the “Employee Statement and Security Guard Application” link.

Complete and submit your application. You will also need to submit both certificates for the eight-hour preassignment training course and the 47-hour firearms course. A fingerprint card is also required; find details for obtaining a fingerprint card on the application. A $36 nonrefundable application fee made payable to NYS Department of State is also required. Submit your security guard license application, certificates, fingerprint card, DMV ID and fee to the address specified on the application form. Once your application has been approved for licensure, the Department of State will send your name and DMV number to the Department of Motor Vehicles of New York to have your ID card printed.