How to Learn Audio Typing

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An audio typist is a person who types transcripts of taped material such as a recording or video. Getting employment as an audio typist requires that you have some level of proficiency in producing transcripts of oral material.

Take lessons or classes in audio typing. These teach methods of listening to and taking dictation from recorded material. They also teach how to, in some cases, interpret the meaning of sentences. Study materials and information given to you by instructors.

Practice listening to taped material and simultaneously accurately typing what you hear. Use songs, movies, television shows and radio programs as audio material.

Find local groups or website forums that focus on audio typing. Practice and discuss audio typing skills with other people to learn the best methods for hearing, interpreting and transcribing oral recordings.


Online companies offer part- and full-time jobs transcribing audio files. Medical research and journalism offer additional opportunities for audio typists.