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What Are the Benefits of Learning Stenography?

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Stenography is a form of transcribing words into text. To be a stenographer, a person must be precise, detail oriented and extremely proficient at typing. Most stenographers use a stenotype machine, which contains syllable notations instead of letters for increased speed. Some stenographers use a word processor or computer.


Learning shorthand is a requirement for stenography, and knowing shorthand is useful in many circumstances and jobs. Shorthand can benefit those in the journalism industry because reporters need to write fast yet still take precise notes. Shorthand is still used today when stenography machines are not available.

Court Reporting

Court reporters sit in a courtroom recording the court case on a stenotype machine as the case proceeds. Accuracy plays a huge role in court reporting because if a statement is typed incorrect, negative consequences can happen. Court reporters earn a fair wage depending on where they live. The demand for court reporters has been approximately the same for the past decade.

Law Offices and Government

Many stenographers are hired to work in law offices. A stenographer works alongside an attorney, transcribing letters and documents as she speaks. When taking dictation isn't necessary, the stenographer completes other assignments.

Many government branches also hire people skilled in stenography. The government offers stenography jobs from entry-level all the way to supervisory positions. The pay for stenographers is generally well and is based on experience.


College students sit through many lectures during their college career, and they often take notes during classes. Shorthand is a great way to quickly and efficiently capture what a professor is saying.


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