How to get a SORA certification in New Jersey

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As of 2007 SORA certification is mandated for all contract security positions throughout New Jersey. SORA certification is obtained upon completion of a 3 step process to be fulfilled within a 30 day period. These steps currently include registration with the NJSP, completing a 24 hour training program with a NJSP certified instructor, and fingerprinting. SORA training and certification centers are located through out New Jersey. Locations and up to date information can be found at Proper government issued identification is required for each step and though a credit card is not required it is HIGHLY recommended.

A core function of the SORA process is the competition of a SORA Training class. It is strongly suggested that you identify a training class FIRST. Please visit and register for a SORA certification class by clicking here To attend this class you need two forms of government issued ID (one with photo), a copy of your 30 Day Temporary Certificate (next step) and your payment. We do not accept personal checks. Once your register for this class your will be sent a confirmation email. Please make sure that you receive this email. If you do not, call our office. On the week of the training class, you will be sent reminder emails. It is at this point we suggest that you complete the next two steps. This is designed for you to maximize your 30 day temporary period.

It is MANDATORY to register with the State Police. You will not be able to attend class if you do not register with the State Police. When you complete your registration with the State Police you must print out two forms; the Sagem Morpho Fingerprint Form and the 30 day Temporary Certificate. You need two copies of the 30 Day Temporary Certificate, one copy for your records and bring one copy on the day of class.

Complete a fingerprint scan at a Sagen Morpho Center. We recommend that you enroll via their website at it is also listed on the form. Calling them and entering your information via a phone leaves open the possibility of a communication error. You MUST show up on time with your two forms of ID and your paperwork. If you do not show up on time, you may be turned away.


Each SORA certification lasts for two years. After those two years it is mandatory that you renew your certification to keep working legally as a security guard.