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How to Obtain a Professional Boxing License

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Boxing is one of the oldest spectator sports in the world, with the earliest boxing matches documented in 1681. Today, boxing still draws plenty of interest. Professional boxers that legally fight for earnings must hold a license to do so. Each state has different licensing requirements, some governed by their athletic commission and others by their general licensing commission. If you have dreams of becoming a professional boxer, learn where to start to get there.

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Contact your state licensing agency to verify the experience and credentials required to obtain a professional boxing license. While there are general guidelines, many states have specific guidelines, such as having experience as an amateur boxer and having a licensed manager or trainer. Many states have a minimum and maximum age to apply for a professional boxing license.

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Gather all the documents required by your state to apply for a boxing license. You will need, at minimum, a certified copy of your birth certificate and social security card and state-issued photo identification.

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Obtain the proper medical clearance as required by your state. You will need to pass a thorough physical and have your doctor sign a statement of good health. Many states require in-depth medical exams such as CAT scans. Others will also require you to pass a vision exam and urinalysis.

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Obtain the proper form from your state licensing agency or department of labor. Send the form to the address specified with the required documentation and fee. Always make a photo copy of everything you send, in case there is a malfunction in its delivery.


Although specific state requirements vary, you generally must be between the ages of 18 and 36 and in good health to apply for a professional boxing license