How to Become a Boxing Promoter

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Being a boxing promoter requires a good business sense and an excellent eye for talent, as well as a certain degree of flamboyance and street smarts. To make it big in this type of career, you must know about what it takes to equip yourself to become successful.

Building Your Career as a Boxing Promoter

You need to learn all you can about the sport of boxing and how the industry works. Read up on the fight business, subscribe to trade magazines and speak to trainers and other professionals who have inside experience with the do's and don't's of dealing with those in the boxing field.

Go to local boxing gyms and attend local boxing matches in your area, to find out which fighters have the most potential to win and have enough charisma and personality to draw crowds, then work to establish a relationship with the fighters you are interested in, as well as with their managers and trainers.

Show boxers and those that handle them how they can benefit from associating with you and allowing you to promote their fights. You will need to build up your level of experience and garner a good reputation, to prove that you can successfully help a boxer's career by your efforts. Be fair when negotiating with managers for a boxer's"purse", which is the amount of money the fighter gets paid for stepping into the boxing ring.

Find investors to help you bankroll a boxing match you want to set up. While you may one day be able to take on the costs of promoting a fight totally on your own, the reality is that you are probably going to need help in the beginning. As a promoter, the costs of everything involved in a fight, like ticket sales, licensing, the ring, referee and more are on you, so you need to convince others to invest by showing them that there is a high chance that they will make a profit.

Learn how to become a skilled master at publicizing a fight. The goal is to get the word out to as many places as possible, so that patrons will be anxious to come see the boxing matches you promote. Learning how to work the media to the ultimate advantage of both you and your fighters will bring in ticket buyers and get your fights more attention. Find out ways to market boxing events in newspapers, radio, television, etc A boxing promoter has to be able to sell a fight to the public and get them excited about the event.

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