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How to Write a Great Resume Without a College Degree

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The key to a successful resume is to emphasize your most compelling values to an employer, and downplay missing ingredients. If you have no college, you should leave the "Education" section off your resume. If you have some college, strategically emphasize the education you do have.

No College Approach

Without college, build up your work experiences and note your hands-on learning experiences and tangible work accomplishments. Don't include the normal "Education" section at the end of the resume. If you have relevant training or non-college certifications, include a section on training.. Only include this section of the training or other background experiences stand out or were long-term endeavors. Noting that you went to a one-week industry conference may serve only to draw attention to the fact you have no formal education.

Some College Approach

Many employers accept applicants with "some college" and plentiful work experience. The key to deciding whether to highlight some college but no degree is whether the education aligns to the position. A year of beauty college won't help you in a typical web development position. However, two-plus years of marketing education may help you get an entry-level marketing job. To note some college without a degree, include the college, the degree program and your years of study.


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