How to Apply for Disability Working Allowance

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If you're recently disabled but capable of continuing work or if you've been receiving a disability allowance and want to return to work, you may be able to receive a disability working allowance. You will first need to apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration to claim your disability. You will also need to verify your working status and ability to work.

Go to the Social Security Administration's website to apply for disability work allowance (See Resources).

Review the disability starter kit and fill in the required fields on the online application for social security benefits. The next step is filling out your disability report. You can fill out your report online or by phone if you need assistance.

Collect all the information you'll need for the disability report. This includes medical, work and education history. To receive the living allowance, accurate work history information is vital.

If you are currently working, you'll need to provide your place of employment, supervisor's name and the date you started working.

Visit the Social Security guide to working while disabled (See Resources). You'll find answers to questions about receiving your benefits while working and phone numbers to reach a representative who can update your working history over the phone. You should see a financial difference in your aid once your current work information is properly documented.

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