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Before going into a job interview, it is important to be prepared. Knowing what types of questions will be asked and what to answer is essential. If you want to answer job interview questions with the best answer and you are not already an expert in the interviewing field, you can read sample job interview questions and answers to get an idea of what the best answer would be. Read the steps below to find job interview questions and answers that are applicable to your type of interview.

Find out information when making the appointment. When a company calls you to make an appointment for an interview, get as much information as you can without sounding like you are too pushy or nosy. Try to find out who will be doing the interviewing. Knowing these facts will help you find job interview questions relevant to your upcoming interview.

Find out information from the job placement agency, if applicable. Your job placement agency that arranged the interview for you can be very valuable in giving you sample questions that will be asked during the interview. Although they might not be able to give you exact questions, you can ask them what they know about the company and the position and use that information to find related interview questions and answers.

Ask friends and relatives who work in the field. Once you know which position you are interviewing for, think about friends and relatives that have jobs in similar companies or who hold similar job titles. Even if they are not working in the field now, think about friends and relatives who have worked in the field in the past.

Look at the job description carefully. If you are offered an interview in response to an ad you applied for, look at the ad carefully for hints about what types of questions will be asked. Look at the skills and experience the position is seeking to fill and prepare yourself for questions along those lines.

Check out the company's website. The company's website can also give you a clue of the types of questions and answers you will be asked. You can also check if company management profiles are included on the site to find out about the interviewer's interests.

Use online social networks. Ask friends on social networks who are familiar with the field, what types of questions to expect and how to answer. You can also ask on forums pertaining to the job field for sample questions and best answers.

Search online job sites. Look at online job sites to get an idea of what types of questions to expect. Many of these have sample questions and answers. Some also have forums where you can ask people in similar situations to yours for information.


Finding sample questions and answers in only one of the aspects of preparing for a job interview. Make sure to prepare completely.

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