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Logistics Assistant Job Description

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Logistics is the process of managing a supply chain, which is a system that moves products from a manufacturer or supplier to a customer. Logistics includes the acquisition, distribution, allocation and delivery of a product. Workers who manage the logistics process are called logisticians. They are assisted in the process by administrative assistants called -- naturally enough -- logistics assistants.

Characteristics and Skills

A logistics assistant needs certain skills and characteristics to be successful. Communication skills are vitally important for a logistics assistant, who might be the point of contact for customers, vendors, fellow employees or superiors. She must ensure that she provides accurate information without disclosing anything confidential or sensitive. A logistics assistant should be well-organized and able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Computer skills are often important because she might need to trace orders, manage inventory and databases or perform other computer-related tasks.

Multiple Balls in the Air

Keeping things organized might be one of a logistics assistant’s most important responsibilities. She might support one or more logisticians in an organization, each of whom could have different responsibilities. Depending on the organization, she could be responsible for managing routine orders, contacting suppliers, tracking shipments and invoicing vendors. Although the focus of the work is the logistics process, a logistics assistant is typically an administrative assistant as well and will perform administrative support functions in addition to her logistics duties.

The Go-To Person

A logistics assistant might perform routine administrative tasks such as typing letters or other documents, maintaining files, making appointments and taking meeting minutes. She might also act as a receptionist. In some organizations, she will handle travel-related activities and organize meetings for her superiors or the organization. The logistics assistant might also be responsible for meeting-related activities such as putting together meeting packets, handling mass mailings or arranging for equipment.

Education, Experience and Money

Educational requirements for a logistics assistant vary according to the organization. A high school diploma is the usual educational requirement for an administrative assistant, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, associate degrees and even bachelor’s degrees may be required by some employers or large organizations. Some logistics assistants get their experience in the military as logistics specialists. reports that logistics assistants earn average salaries of $36,000 a year as of 2014.


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