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How to Get a Real Estate License in Minnesota

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Ninety hours of prelicense education is the cornerstone* of the requirements for a Minnesota real estate license. You must also pass a licensing exam and be affiliated with a broker.

Basic License Requirements

The 90 hours of education are divided into three 30-hour courses, according to Kaplan. You can take the licensing exam after the first course, though you can't get a license until you complete all three.

A broker is required to complete an additional 30-hour broker's course and have three years of real estate sales experience in Minnesota or a state with comparable requirements. At the time of application, an aspiring agent must be affiliated with a licensed broker.

Additional Qualification Factors

You have one year from the date you take the licensing exam to apply for your license. Otherwise, you have to retake the test. A newly licensed seller is also required to take 30 hours of continuing real estate education within the first two years.

The application fee for licensure is $120 as of March 2015. Minnesota reciprocates licenses for people who hold a real estate license in several states, including Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.


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