How to Write an Evaluation Report

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No matter what industry, an organization or company is in business to get results. In order to gauge if you are meeting the goals established by your company, you must perform regular evaluations to determine if changes should be made to a process, focus or staffing. Writing an evaluation report is a basic concept that you can adapt as needed.

Determine what needs to be evaluated (such as a program, campaign, event or procedure).

Create a "Description" section where you briefly describe, in a sentence or two, what you are evaluating.

Create an "Objective" section and describe the goal of what you're evaluating. It can be a revenue goal or outreach results. You should also include a description of the evaluation system; in other words, what metrics will be used to determine success.

Create a "Progress to Date" section and describe the work that has been done up to this point. You can summarize this information or itemize each step that was taken.

Create an "Evaluation" section. Here is where you will give a comparison of the result based on the metrics discussed in the "Objective" section. Elaborate on what you think contributed to these results. If the project is still underway, provide a estimate on where the progress stands and make some recommendations on what it will take to be fully successful.


You don't have to wait until a project is complete to write an evaluation report. Evaluation reports can prove to be helpful to communicate progress over time as well as providing insight on areas that need to be adjusted.


Keep your descriptions simple and concise. Summarize where possible, yet elaborate where you need to.