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How to Find Clerical Work From Home Jobs

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The biggest pitfall that someone wishing to work from home encounters is wading through the "legitimate" job offers that are about as far from legitimate as possible. Profiteering from scams related to online job searches and work-at-home opportunities appear about as often as notifications that you have won a lottery -- which you never entered -- in a far-off land. Real telecommute clerical jobs do exist; use caution when answering ads and check the veracity of the site before proceeding.

Network with friends and acquaintances who may already be employed remotely with sites that offer work-at-home clerical jobs. Get a referral from them; it may help you land the job easier and may net them a bonus for referring you. Use social networking sites to garner leads on potential telecommute clerical positions.

Avoid any sites that require an upfront payment of any kind to either work for them or assist you in your job search, as these are either scams or sites that will locate jobs that you can find for free on your own. Ignore sites that state in their ad title that they are legit, as they most likely are not.

Look for legitimate vendors that do businesses with companies that offer data entry and clerical positions, such as Alpine Access, West At Home and Working Solutions.

Search for clerical jobs on national job boards or freelance jobs sites such as Upwork and OLX; these sites list remote and sometimes brick-and-mortar clerical job opportunities.

Consider creating your own company and offering your services to local businesses. Create a business, such as a limited liability company, with the aid of a business attorney or an online site. Advertise your clerical services in local newspapers, websites and directories. Create business cards and leave them with small business owners who may be interested in contracting your services.



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