How to Get a CDL License in Louisiana

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A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is a license required by the United States to have commercial driving privileges. CDLs are issued by individual states, but are overseen by a federally mandated program run by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. A series of steps must be taken to obtain a Commercial Driver's License in Louisiana.

Obtain a copy of the CDL study guide. This guide contains all of the information necessary to pass the CDL exam. This guide can be found online or by visiting any Office of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana.

Obtain a copy of the form DPSMV2219. This form can be found online or by visiting any Office of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana.

Get a CDL physical. Take the DPSMV2219 to the doctor performing the physical and have it filled out completely and signed by the medical examiner.

Gather the personal information necessary to apply for a CDL in Louisiana. This information includes a current valid drivers license, a social security card or a letter from the Social Security office with your Social Security Number, the completed and signed physical form, and proof of insurance for your personal vehicle.

Take $15 cash along with all of the personal information gathered in step 4 to a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Take the written exam at the Office of Motor Vehicles. A learner’s permit is issued after passing the written exam.

Schedule a skills test with a third party tester. A list of testers can be found online or by visiting an Office of Motor Vehicles.

Return to the same Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles where you received your permit. Bring the sealed envelope from the third party tester.


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