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How to Get TCLEOSE Certified

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If you are interested in a career in Texas law enforcement, you need to be certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards Education, or TCLEOSE. The TCLEOSE certification is a requirement if you want to work in law enforcement and as a law enforcement trainer. The three requirements for licensing are successfully completing the basic licensing course, passing the state licensing examination and appointment by a law enforcement agency.

Apply for the basic licensing course. Obtain an application form online from the TCLEOSE website, complete it and submit it. You will need a high school diploma, clean criminal and driving records and acceptable medical and psychological exam results to be able to qualify for the basic licensing course.

After receiving notification that you are accepted to the course, contact TCLEOSE to ask where you can participate in the basic licensing course. Successfully complete the basic licensing course and become eligible to take the state licensing examination.

Apply for the state licensing examination. Obtain an application form online from the TCLEOSE website, complete it and submit it.

Prepare for the licensing exam and review Texas law, such as the penal code, the code of criminal procedure and the health and safety code. Learn and review the Texas statutes as well. Study all the materials you used during your licensing course.

Contact the exam site center in your area and schedule a time to take the licensing examination. Bring all necessary documents with you to the test location, such as your basic licensing course certification and a valid photo ID. Also bring a valid endorsement for the type of test you want to take. You will receive your endorsement after you finish your basic licensing course. This endorsement is given by the Austin Community College Criminal Justice Department and verifies that you have successfully completed the licensing course.

Take the state licensing exam. The exam time limit is two hours and 45 minutes, with 250 multiple choice questions. After you complete the exam, you will immediately receive the computerized printout of your test results. You are given three opportunities to pass the state licensing exam. If you fail to pass the exam on your third attempt, you will be required to take the basic licensing course over again.

Apply for appointment by a law enforcement agency. Provide documentation that you completed the basic licensing course and passed the state licensing examination.


Go online and download practice exams. You can use practice tests written by Victoria College in Victoria, Texas, as they contain many of the same questions that are included in the state licensing exam.


The testing requirements for the state licensing examination are stringent, so be prepared for a thorough and demanding exam.


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