How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor

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Across the United States, demand for certified nursing assistants (CNA) continues to be strong among hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. Institutions that offer CNA courses are creating additional classes to meet the demand, but they need instructors to teach the courses. If you have experience in the health care field, now is the perfect time to consider being a teacher by learning how to become a certified nursing assistant instructor.

Hold a license as a registered nurse (RN). RNs are familiar with the role and duties of a certified nurse aide since they often serve as their supervisor in hospitals and other health care centers. To qualify to teach people interested in becoming CNAs in Nevada, Kansas and many other states, you must have your RN license and at least two years of work experience in a health care setting as an RN.

Gain experience caring for the elderly. Most CNAs work in nursing homes or assisted living centers caring for elderly people. For this reason, most states such as Oklahoma and South Dakota require that all CNA instructors have at least one year of experience serving this particular population.

Pass a training course for CNA instructors. Since all certified nurse assistants need to have the same information about their jobs and how to care for people, some states, such as Missouri and Pennsylvania, have created a training course for people that want to become CNA instructors. This course ensures you have the knowledge and skills necessary; you are required to pass it to get licensed.

Submit a license to become a CNA instructor. Just as you have to be licensed to serve as a CNA or an RN, you also must be licensed to serve as a teacher for CNA courses. To get your license, you need to submit an application to your state board of nursing, a licensing fee and proof that you meet the criteria established by the state to be licensed. In addition, many states such as California require you to submit to a background check and be fingerprinted.


You need to check with your state's board of nursing to find out the exact requirements for your state to become a certified nursing assistant instructor.