How to Correctly Email Resumes to Employers

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One of the biggest challenges job seekers face is making sure the employer actually gets their resumes. This is especially true for email resumes. Poorly formatted resumes, spam and other computer glitches can cause your resume to get lost in transmission.

Before you email the resume to an employer mail it to yourself and to all the accounts you have. You may even email it to a couple of friends so you can see how each email program handles the formatting. Try sending it different ways such as pasting the resume in the body of the email and sending it as an attachment. Test spam filters by sending a copy to yourself before submitting it to the employer.

Create a professional email address for yourself if you don't have one already. A professional email address can just be your first initial and last name. Don't use something that indicates partying, fun, something illegal or innappropriate for the workplace.

Be careful with the title of your subject line and the names of your attachments. Do not use words that you frequently see in spam messages, such as "Job Offer." Instead be specific, such as "Resume Submission for Senior Account Representative."

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