How to get a Secret Security Clearance

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The process of obtaining a secret security clearance is lengthy but will open up doors for new employment opportunities in such organizations as the FBI, CIA, NSA or Homeland Security. Security clearance can also be a job requirement for janitors, network administrators and contractors working on government contracts overseas or in the United States.

Fill out and submit Form 86. This form goes into depth about your previous residences, personal references, citizenship, previous employers, previous supervisors, educational background, credit history, criminal records (if applicable) and other personal aspects of your character including mental health. You must have a sponsor to submit this form, such as the company you have applied to that wants you to get the security clearance.

Attend the face-to-face interview, if required. A request for an interview is not a sign that something is wrong; the interviewer may just want further explanation on certain aspects of your application. The interviewer may also do his own fact checking by talking to your neighbors, previous supervisors or others who know you.

Wait for an answer. The case manager handling your application may take 3 months to 2 years to approve your secret security clearance.


Be Honest on your application


If you think you answered a question incorrectly on the application, let the representative know at the time of the interview.

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