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How to Renew an Expired CNA Certification

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Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, provide the hands-on care and attention that patients very much need, but that registered nurses and physicians don't have the time for. They help patients in and out of bed, brush their hair, help them eat, help them walk around and fetch things for them. Because of this, many CNAs develop lasting friendships with their patients. To become a CNA, you must complete a state-approved training program and pass an exam. You also have to commit to continued education in most states. If you don't, your certification can lapse, and you'll need to take steps to reactivate it.

Getting Reactivated

The exact steps to reactivate your CNA certificate depend on the state you work in. Typically, you'll have to submit an application to your state's Department of Health, along with proof that you successfully completed your CNA course. You'll also likely retake a portion of your exams -- either the written or clinical portion, or both. Bear in mind that the application and the exams have fees attached which are determined by your state and the facility you test in. You might also have to submit to a new criminal background check. A state-by-state list of Health Departments is available in the "Resources" section.