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How to Become a Hotel Rating Inspector

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Becoming a hotel rating inspector is not something that a person can simply apply for one day and expect to begin working at soon after. In addition to needing proper education to become a hotel inspector, you must also need to have some kind of experience in the hotel industry in order to gain the expertise needed to be able to rate hotels.

Get an education in an area of study that will relate well to a job inspecting hotels. Although some companies do not require a degree for potential hotel rating inspectors, a person who has a degree and has studied business management or hospitality will definitely have an advantage over a person who has no formal education.

Work as a hotel manager. Regardless of whether you are a night manager, a general manager or an office manager, any kind of experience in a hotel is important to have simply because it gives an applicant a more thorough knowledge of the practices that should occur in a hotel. If you later apply for a position as a hotel rating inspector, this previous work experience will be invaluable.

Make a resume highlighting your experience. After getting a proper education and obtaining some experience in hotel management, create a resume that highlights this experience. In the resume, make sure to specifically highlight the reasons why your experience makes you qualified to be a hotel inspector. Highlight any of the initiatives or programs you implemented when you were in hotel management and speak about their successes.

Start looking. If you want to make a career out of becoming a hotel rating inspector, it is only after you get an education and some experience that you should begin actively pursuing hotel rating jobs. There is no magic formula to finding one of these jobs, but there are several resources. Check with the Web sites for Michelin Travel or The AA and look in the careers section. Do the same with other Web sites — like hotels.com — to see if they are hiring. Often, hotel chains hire their own hotel inspectors as independent contractors. Check the career sections on the Web sites of different hotel chains. Calling hotels in your area could also yield results.

Take any job you can find when starting off. This will help you build up your portfolio and will make you a more attractive candidate for better hotel rating jobs in the future. Remember to make copies of the reports you write up so you can show examples to other hotels and organizations in the future.


Obtaining experience in restaurant management is also an advantage to those who want to work as hotel ratings inspectors.


Being a hotel rating inspector might not be as glamorous as you might expect. Be prepared to travel a lot and be prepared to stay in some hotels that are less-than-stellar.

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