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Project Manager Job Description for the Hotel Industry

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A top executive construction position, a hotel industry project manager controls the entire hotel construction or renovation from the blueprints to the completed building. A project manager ideally has some experience in the hospitality industry but must be a managerial expert with the skills to communicate effectively with contractors, laborers, hotel owners and so on. An expert project manager ensures quality and responsible construction through the length of the project.

Managment and Organization

Project managers hold and control the master plan for the hotel design and construction or renovation. Through a single project or in multiple installments, a project manager engages in the hotel from the preliminary blueprints to the final finished project. Project managers orchestrate a strategic and tactical strategy to complete the job in a cost effective and timely plan.

Project Scope Duties

Project managers are responsible for controlling project supplies, reviewing construction work, and developing budgets and proposals for the hotel plan. Managers also perform frequent and comprehensive reviews of the construction's progress to check up on communication, cost-control and work force skill. Managers make executive decisions about what to include or rethink in the construction plan. Additionally, managers review the design, or redesign, of the hotel's interior by constantly checking in with owners.


The project manager must have an in-depth knowledge of contracts--he negotiates with hotel owners and construction companies about financing and architectural and interior design matters.


Establishing revenue opportunities and strong relationships with hotel franchises and owners, the project manager secures lasting communication with developers, management companies, contractors and consultants for future projects.


Project managers communicate efficiently from all players in the construction or renovation project from on-site workers, to hotel owners, to the rest of the construction and hotel management team.


According to, as of April 2010 the pay range for a project manager in construction ranges from $87,000 to $111,000 per year in New York, New York, with a median salary of around $96,000. In Wichita, Kansas--for example--salaries range from $69,000 to $89,000 per year. Note that this position typically requires a bachelor's degree in engineering or similar field with at least six to seven years of experience in project management.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and College, employment opportunities for project managers and construction managers were expected to remain excellent through 2014 because the number of job openings were to exceed the number of qualified individuals seeking employment in the occupation.


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