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How to Get a Hotel Reviewer Job

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When consumers are deciding where to stay during their travels, they often turn to hotel and travel review sites. Hotel reviewers offer their critiques and opinions about which hotels are the best in each city, along with details of their amenities, perks, room types and more. For those interested in securing a job as a hotel reviewer, certain steps can make the hunt for the position much easier.

Start freelancing for travel websites and companies. Freelancing gives experienced and budding writers the opportunity to write on a variety of topics and gain experience. Writing experience is key in securing a job as a hotel reviewer, since you'll be describing and critiquing various aspects of the hotel. Try to aim your freelance assignments on reviews, such as hotel reviews, restaurant and bar reviews. Travel websites such as, and are some good places to start for freelance writing.

Once you gain experience freelancing, start searching for hotel review and general travel review jobs on journalism search engines like JournalismJobs or Mediabistro. If you can't find a hotel reviewer job on these types of sites, getting a job reviewing restaurants, bars and destinations can be the next best thing. These positions can lead to jobs reviewing hotels, especially when they are with a company that also reviews hotels.

Intern at a travel-based company as an editorial intern, with a focus on hotel reviews if possible. This is a great opportunity for college students interested in a career reviewing hotels to learn from professionals in the industry and gain experience writing hotel reviews as well. Interning at these types of companies can also lead to job offers if an intern excels at her work.

Volunteer to review hotels for the local paper or host a hotel reviews segment on the local access television station. Then, send your best work to travel review companies to submit for job opportunities reviewing hotels for them.

Inquire about hotel reviewer positions with travel magazines and websites, especially those magazines that you read often and sites that you visit for travel advice. Send query letters with your resume detailing your experience and ideas for hotel reviews. If you can't find information about where to send your information online, look at the mastheads in magazines located near the front pages. There will be an address for the magazine listed there, as well as editors for each department.


Stay connected with your college's career center, whose advisors can connect you with other alumni in the media industry. There may even be some alumni who review hotels and are willing to give you advice on securing a job in the industry.

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