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How to Learn Data Entry

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Data entry is taking one form of data and moving that data into a computer program or a computer database. Data entry can be anything from transcribing handwritten documents into spreadsheets, entering numbers into a computer program by 10-key touch or putting names and addresses into a database. You can take online certification courses and earn a certificate in less than a year or you can teach yourself data entry by using free online tests. Read on to find out what steps you can take to learn data entry.

Getting educated

You can take online certification courses. There are colleges that offer data entry certifications online. You will follow the class curriculum to become certified (see Resources below). Once you are certified, you can put this certification on your resume to give yourself an edge in the job market.

Remember: When you are learning data entry, accuracy is more important than speed. Once you have accuracy by touch, speed will come naturally.

Take a typing test online. If you decide to go the route of learning data entry by yourself, you should start by learning how to type before you start on 10 key or a more complicated data entry endeavor. If you have never typed before, you should take a class to learn the basics. Once you hit 60 words per minute, you are in good shape to be competitive in the data entry market.

Take a 10-key test online. After you have mastered typing by touch, you can take the next step and start on your 10-key skills. Using your 10-key pad on the keyboard is a much more efficient way to enter numbers instead of looking at the top of your keyboard each time you enter a number.

Take the combined data entry test. After you have mastered typing by touch and 10 key by touch you are ready to take the full-blown data entry test. Again, accuracy is better than speed in the beginning. Remember the resources below are all free tests.

Most employers will give you a data entry test before they hire you. One of the quickest ways of getting a data entry job is to use a temporary agency. There are also legitimate job websites where you can be a freelance data entry worker (see Resources below) and work from home.


Watch out for work-from-home scams that involve data entry. Do research beforehand to make sure a company is legitimate.