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How to Start a Face Painting Business

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A face painting business is inexpensive to start up and a great way to have fun and make a tidy profit. You can use a simple series of step-by-step directions on how to start a face painting business.

Decide on some simple fun designs you can paint. Keep in mind that the simpler designs you use, the more customers you can paint and the more money you can make. Avoid fussy, busy designs that take a lot of time and thus eat into your profits. To find designs, look at free clip art or draw your own. Some designs to consider to start your face painting business are bugs, smiley faces, flags, stars, rainbows and hearts.

Purchase skin safe paints, glitter, body art and paint brushes. Stock up on paper towels and wet wipes. You will need chairs and a table. To start a face painting business at the lowest cost, you will want to buy these items at a discount store.

Paint one of each basic design and put it in a plastic sleeve or laminate. Tape the designs to a board for display.

Sign up for craft shows, fairs, school events and library days. You can also market your face painting business to moms for their kids' parties.

Charge a small fee per each design; for example, $1 for painting a star. Though a dollar sounds like a small amount, it adds up quickly and you will find your face painting business can be very profitable.


For parties, charge a flat fee.



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