How to Succeed in Direct Sales

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Congratulations! You've signed up with a legitimate direct sales company that you're passionate about and you are ready to make some sales. Here are some tips to get you started in your new career and succeed in direct sales.

Plan a schedule of daily, weekly and monthly goals. Make sure that you stick to them by remaining focused on each of the goals that you've set. Review them often to make any necessary changes and improvements. One example of goal setting could be money orientated such as; I want to earn $400 this month and will do it by having 2 home parties per week for 4 weeks.

Take advantage of any starter specials when you first sign up with your direct sales company. You may be able to earn your starter kit by having x amount of parties. This will save on your initial outlay costs. Get out there and spread the word to family, friends, coworkers, church members, neighbors and everyone you know, book dates for your first few parties and set the foundation for a solid bank of future customers.

Get out there and talk to people about your product. Set a goal to promote your business to 3, 5 or 10 people every day. It could be just handing out catalogs, calling a potential customer on the phone to follow up on a previous conversation or confirming a party booking with a hostess.

Build your team. This will enhance the earnings that you bring in from your own sales. By building a driven, committed team of other like minded direct sales reps, you can build a down line that will earn you a commission on products that they sell. Building your own team will increase your commissions and enable you to climb further up the company ladder, which will entitle you to higher commissions on your own sales.

Be sure to show your product at every opportunity. If you sell jewelry or makeup for example, never leave the house without having a sample prominently displayed on your person. Always carry samples, business cards and catalogs with you wherever you go. You never know where you might find an opening to talk about your product.

Show your products at fairs, markets and exhibits if your direct sales company allows it. You will be able to get your product out and seen by a large number of people at one go which should offset the cost of booking a booth. Again, be ready with samples, catalogs and business cards.

Reach out even further with the internet. Your direct sales company may have a personalized website that you can use for an extra fee each month. Use the website link to promote your product wherever it is acceptable across the web. Create a mailing list and email customers of monthly specials. You may even be able to have the option of hosting online parties to those family and friends far away. When promoting your product over the internet, be careful not to spam, it's easily done, sometimes without realizing it.


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