How to Write a Resume With No Job History

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A young man or woman in high school, recently graduated from high school, in college or recently graduated from college is considered at first-time worker if he or she has never held a job before. Developing a resume when you are a first-time worker can be difficult. You have skills, education and talent, but no work history. Every employer understands that you are looking for your first real job. They were there at one time as well. Here are a few guidelines you can follow so potential employers will look at your resume in a positive light.

Think Back and Be Honest

Be completely honest in your resume, but that doesn’t mean you have to appear dull and inexperienced.
For example, consider the types of experience you can list that weren't necessarily "real jobs": "Cut lawn for 13 homes; also raked leaves and assisted in planting and weeding flower beds"; "Provided babysitting service for 12 families"; "Worked full-time during summers providing child care. Completed first aid and CPR classes in addition to a babysitter's course."

List the classes that you have taken in high school or college that have relevance toward the position for which you are applying. Emphasize your grades, special projects you completed and any commendations you received.
For example: "Completed Allied Health classes and earned Certified Nursing Assistant certification"; "Received award for excellence in customer care during weeklong internship."

Add your volunteer experience: where you have volunteered, for how long and duties accomplished. List any volunteer opportunities you have had, no matter how big or small. The variety of your volunteer experiences will be a benefit in demonstrating your ability to be flexible and a team player. Include any volunteer positions if you had any at a place of worship. Volunteer skills are often very marketable and show a willingness to work and be selfless.

List the extracurricular activities you were involved with at school—student council, debate club, French club, drama or newspaper—to show your abilities, skills and talents. Participation in such activities indicates drive and ambition.


Having a long list of work history can work against a person—for example, if he or she has been unable to keep a job for a long period of time. However, having a solid list of volunteer, extracurricular and academic experience can make a world of difference for you.

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