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How to Make Money as an Online Psychic

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For years there were services that offered psychic readings over the phone and people paid by the minutes for these psychic readings and advice. The internet has changed this and now many psychics are working online through virtual chat services that automatically charge the customer by the minute. These virtual chat websites do take a percentage of the revenue, but you still can make some great money being an online psychic.

Create a Profile: You can join an expert website such as LivePerson and set up your profile. A description of your psychic or clairvoyant abilities will help attract customers. The most important thing is to upload a photo of yourself, profiles with no photo rarely get considered by customers.

Set Your Price: While many top psychics can get up to $9.99 per minute, you will not be able to start at such a high pay rate. It is best to build a group of clientele and followers and slowly raise your rates as you become more popular. Start off with a rate between $1.00 and $2.00 per minute. You can still make some quality income and work in the comfort of your own home.

Be Real: Make sure you have the actual ability to help and advise others. Remember that your advice can greatly affect other people's lives - so take your job seriously and be true to your clients.

Advertise: You can even build your own separate psychic website with a link to the live chat website, this will increase your workload and help create a brand for yourself. As you get more popular, your website will move up in the search engines and you can begin to raise your rates and possibly create a full time income.


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