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What Is the Salary Range for a Dog Breeder?

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From poodles to pugs, the job of a dog breeder is to select and breed dogs according to their genealogy and, in many cases, sell them to the public once the pups are of age, generally between eight and12 weeks. When it comes to salary, the mean annual income is roughly $40,000, according to 2013 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A Breeder 's Salary

Animal breeders in the United States earned a mean annual wage of $40,310, according to 2013 BLS figures. The bottom 10th percentile earned $18,410, the 25th percentile made $26,290, the 50th percentile brought in $37,950, the 75th percentile made $53,950 and the top 90th percentile earned up to $63,190, the BLS reports.


The type of breed may affect how much money a dog breeder earns. More expensive breeds such as the Irish wolfhound, Akita, rottweiler and English bulldog tend to cost more than other types of dogs, which could increase a breeder's salary. Litter size is another consideration; larger logs tend to have bigger litters, while smaller dogs have smaller litters. States with the most breeders include Wisconsin, California, Texas, Iowa and Florida; breeder incomes can vary dramatically depending on region, with the state of Washington leading the pack at an average salary of $56,840, according to the BLS.


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