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How Much Does a Massage Therapist Make on Ships?

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The salary for a massage therapist on a ship can vary greatly depending on the company you are working for. Although these salaries are often on the low side, you will also have your room and board paid, so you have the ability to save most of what you make.


Salaries for massage therapists can vary greatly depending on the cruise line, from as little as $200 a week to as much as $3600 a month. In some cases, these figures include tips and commissions.


As with other types of massage jobs, you will have the opportunity to earn tips in addition to a regular salary. These gratuities can vary greatly, as some people feel the cost of their cruise is high enough and are reluctant to tip much on top of that, while others tip quite lavishly.


Sales of products are also usually part of the job description of a cruise ship massage therapist. There are some ship spas that put a great deal of pressure on their therapists to sell, and they pay accordingly.


Along with the amount of pay offered, you will also want to consider the hours worked. Work days on a cruise ship can range from 10 to 12 hours in length, and a work week is usually considered five and a half days.