How to Do Data Entry From Home

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Data entry is one of the most sought after work at home careers online. It requires good typing skills in order to be a profitable investment of your time, but many other things can be learned on the job. Learn how to find a job doing data entry from home, who is hiring and who is legitimate in their claims by following the steps provided below.

Ask for references from people who have data entry experience if you know friends or family members who share the common interest. You never pay to work. This should be the principle rule when searching for that perfect data entry job.

Research legitimate work-at-home data entry companies. It's always best to check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau. There will typically be a complaint listed if it is a scam. You will also want to do a search with the words "scam" following the name of the company. This will help to bring to light any Websites with complaints or questions of legitimacy.

Gain support through work-at-home message boards. Many of these message boards list legitimate companies as "stickies" on their Websites. Stickies are permanent posts on message boards that usually hold valuable information for new members. Members will also assist if you cannot find information on a questionable company. You can find these links in our Resources section.

Read the qualifications for the data entry position carefully. Many data entry positions ask that you have ten key skills as well as the ability to type at least 60 words per minute. Employers will also specify computer requirements like operating system must haves, software specifics and the need for high speed Internet service.

Prepare a telecommuting resume. Telecommuting resumes are similar to traditional resumes in that they list all your skills and detail your capabilities. The difference between telecommuting resumes and traditional resumes is that telecommuting resumes do not include personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. Telecommuting resumes also include information about your computer capabilities, work samples and details of your office setup. An email address that you check frequently should be listed as your contact information.

Take notes on employer responses. Some companies notify you on the best time to contact them in the future if all positions are filled. Its important that you notate these time frames and adhere to them to the letter. That's true if you want to do data entry work from home.


Income will vary, but many companies pay per entry or in the range of $8 an hour.


Avoid data entry positions that offer hundreds of dollars per day. That's typically a sign of a scam. Avoid positions that offer you money prior to employment.


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