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MDS Coordinator Training and Certification

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MDS coordinators are nurses who are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and compliance of patient charts. They review charts for correct coding and make sure that data is transmitted to hospitals and other medical providers in a timely manner. They complete these tasks in addition to their normal nursing responsibilities.

Get a bachelor of science or master of science degree in nursing. Most states require that MDS coordinators hold one of these degrees. is a website with a directory of nursing programs around the nation.

Register for training with the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators. This is a non-profit organization that offers MDS coordinator training and certification.

Get prepared for your certification exam. Once you complete your coursework, you qualify to take the certification test. Passing this test will make your skills more marketable to employers. AANSC will provide a study guide.

Check with your state for licensing requirements. Some states require MDS coordinators to be licensed. Check with your state department of business for licensing requirements.

Keep up on continuing education requirements. If your state requires you to be licensed, you may have to take continuing education courses each year to keep your license current. AANSC offers continuing education for MDS coordinators.


The AANSC offers job postings on their website. Once you pass your certification and obtain licensure from your state, you can apply to MDS Coordinator positions. The AANSC offers a nationwide job posting tool that is free to use.


Update your resume. Before applying to jobs, make sure to refresh your resume with your new qualifications.