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Can a Paramedic Become a Physician's Assistant?

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Paramedics are medical professionals who provide emergency care to patients. Their knowledge of patient care and paramedic training makes a move to physician's assistant a logical career progression. Knowing how to move from paramedic to physician's assistant eases the progression.

Paramedic Duties

Paramedics are often the first responders to an accident when 911 is called. They perform physical examinations and assess patients for heath status and problems. They transport patients to hospitals, use their knowledge of medical protocols and equipment and provide medical care.

Function of Physician's Assistant

Physician's assistants work under the supervision of a medical doctor. Their training prepares them to diagnose and treat patients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth between 2008 and 2018 is estimated at 39 percent. In some rural settings, physician's assistants are the primary medical care providers.


In 2008, there were 142 accredited physician's assistant training programs. Health care experience is a common prerequisite for entrance to these programs. Knowledge and experience working as a paramedic definitely qualifies. According to the Physician Assistant Education Association, college level courses are necessary even if a college degree is not required. Training programs range from 24 to 27 months duration. Course work covers anatomy, physiology, medical ethics, prescription drugs and patient diagnosis. Clinical practice and training are also required.


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