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How to Make Money Online While Pregnant

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Congratulations! You are pregnant! This should be a time of great joy and celebration! Unfortunately, pregnancy may also mean that you are no longer able to work outside the home. This may be the result of being put on bed rest because of health problems or because the nature of your just doesn't allow you to continue. Luckily, there are still ways to make money even without the typical 9 to 5 job. This article will give you several ideas to make money online while you are pregnant.

BECOME AN ONLINE GUIDE. hires guides that are knowledgeable in specific subject matter to write articles and maintain a blog about that subject, whether it be Camcorders or Chicago.'s website states that new guides will not earn less than $750 per month and some veteran guides have earned in excess of $100,000 annually. You can also become a search guide with ChaCha Search, Inc. ChaCha is the fastest growing mobile answers text service where users can text questions to ChaCha from their mobile phone. One of the jobs of a guide is to perform an internet search and send the user an answer to their question. ChaCha hires new guides off and on as guides come and go, so check back frequently.

SELL ITEMS ON EBAY. You can literally find money lying around your house! An eBay/Nielsen survey found that the average U.S. household has 52 unused items lying around worth $3,100. It's a mix of clothing and accessories, toys, electronics, sporting goods and other stuff. It's one of the easiest ways to make money from home and a great way to reduce clutter. This work form home opportunity has the potential to create a substantial income if you get into selling other items as well. Many people who are able to find a successful niche in the eBay market can work online and earn thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

WRITE ARTICLES ONLINE. There are many article submission sites where you can make money on articles that you submit to their site. You do not have to be a professional writer or even have a lot of writing experience to succeed at this. You do need a good grasp of the English language and a desire to succeed and you can make money writing in the comfort of your own home. Popular article submissions sites include eHow, Associated Content, Helium and ezinearticles. Some sites pay an upfront fee for your submission and some pay based on article views or ad clicks. One great thing about writing articles is that every article you write will continue to earn residual or passive income even after you stop writing. So, once you have the baby you will continue to make money from work done while you were pregnant.

CREATE A BLOG. Creating a blog or website is a great way to make money while you are pregnant. You can get started by using one of the free blogging platforms such as Blogger or Wordpress. Decide on a title and theme for your blog and then begin blogging or writing articles to lure people to your site. Once you have created enough content, you can then monetize your blog by using Google AdSense ads and/or affiliate links. You will earn money when visitors to your site click the AdSense ads or purchase a product through one of your affiliate links. Blogs, like articles, can earn residual income. Just make sure to get your blog established and write plenty of relevant content and you will continue to make money even when you are unable to update your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Start researching some of these opportunities and in no time you will be able to make money online with great success!


All of these ideas to make money online give you great flexibility, which is important both during pregnancy and after having the baby.