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Careers Best Suited for Those With ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) occurs in about five percent of the population. ADHD may be diagnosed in childhood or adulthood. ADHD may affect a person's ability to perform on the job. Typical symptoms of this neurologically-based disorder include difficulty sustaining attention, lack of impulse control and hyperactivity.

Fast-paced Jobs

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Some people with ADHD may enjoy a fast-paced working environment. These adults probably exhibit mostly the hyperactive characteristics of ADHD. Possible career choices that offer a fast-paced environment include sales, aviation, emergency medical technician, engineering, entertainment, education, politics, television or marketing careers.

Creative Jobs

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Some adults with ADHD may need a creative outlet and work well in careers involving art. Such careers may include mechanical jobs such auto mechanics and machine repair, construction, interior design, web design, desktop publishing and film-making. Adults with ADHD may be able to maintain better focus with these jobs if they enjoy creating new things or working with their hands. Also, these jobs typically allow workers to work with minimal supervision which reduces stress associated with working under constant scrutiny.

Career Testing

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Adults with ADHD should consider consulting with a career counselor who can use career testing to help the individual client determine a suitable career. Career counselors can be found at local employment offices and on college campuses. Career counselors determine suitable jobs by conferencing with clients and by administering career assessments.

Any Career

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According to Dr. Edward Hallowell, the idea that only certain jobs suit those with ADHD is a misconception. Dr. Hallowell has published several books concerning ADHD and has been a practicing psychiatrist for more than twenty-five years. He asserts that adults with ADHD should select jobs based on their strengths and interests. Adults with ADHD will have a better chance of maintaining workplace focus if they chose a career that they enjoy.


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