How to Write a Government Resume

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Writing a resume for a government position can be tricky because the government requires specific pieces of information to be included that a standard resume doesn't. If you don't follow these procedures, your resume could be disqualified. Reading the job qualifications carefully and tailoring your resume to the specific needs of the position will increase your odds of landing a government job.

Include personal information. Government jobs require personal information you wouldn't normally include on a standard resume. Besides your name and phone number, you should include your country of citizenship and your military status.

Job posting information. You should also include job posting information such as the announcement number. If you don't include this information, your resume may be disqualified. This information should be included after the personal information section.

Summary statement. The first paragraph of your government resume should be a summary statement. In this statement, you should summarize the qualifications that make you a good fit for the position.

Experience section. List your past three jobs in chronological order. Make sure to highlight responsibilities that would be most interesting for the government position.

Education section. The education section should include all degrees and certificates you have earned in chronological order. Read the posting description carefully to determine if you need to send official transcripts with your resume.

Include an executive core qualities statement. If you are applying for a senior level government job, you will need to include this. The statement should include the qualities you possess that make you a good fit for a senior level position with the government.

Check to see if a knowledge, skills and ability statement is required. Some government jobs require this statement to accompany your resume. It should include five points about why your knowledge skills and ability match the job description.

Many government jobs require that Form C be included with all resumes. This is a questionnaire that evaluates the applicant's qualifications.


Federal resume standards allow applicants to include a section listing other qualifications. This should include relevant awards and certifications you have received.


A general resume won't be effective when applying to a government position. You need to tailor the entire resume to fit the government job's requirements.