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How to Find Online Transcription Jobs Without Experience

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Few transcription employers hire employees with no experience. Among the many companies that offer medical, legal or other transcription services, Accutran Global and Tigerfish Transcription are two that will hire those without experience.

Acquire the skills necessary to qualify for a transcription job. You must be comfortable with writing, know how to use office software and possess excellent typing skills.

Apply for a transcribing position at Accutran Global, which is a medical, legal and financial transcribing company. Contractors are not required to have a transcription background, but must have computer and average typing skills. Applicants must fill out a questionnaire and take a computer skills test. Resumes are not required.

Take the test at Tigerfish Transcription. All applicants first must download the company style guide and a three-segment audio. They must then transcribe the audio before moving on in the application process. Tigerfish also requests some personal information when you submit the test transcription.


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