How to Begin a Rap Career

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Rap music is a powerful tool used to express a variety of emotions on a wide range of topics. Popular rappers combine solid lyrics with solid delivery to produce crowd rocking anthems. It takes skill and confidence to navigate the rap world. Beginning your own rap career involves more than just grabbing a microphone and wearing a chain. Use your time wisely to perfect a unique style that brings satisfaction to your fans.

Define your style. Although Kanye West or 50 Cent may be your favorite rapper, the world is only ready for one of them. Imitation isn't appreciated, so you need to make your style original in order to be taken seriously. While you should definitely listen to the work of other rappers to get a sense of what works, avoid being labeled the next clone artist by making your sound and image unique.

Choose your words. Write solid material on personally identifiable and important issues for the best results. Keep a pen and paper readily available to take down spur of the moment ideas and concepts. Refine and build upon previous ideas as your skills progress. A great rap line can affect generations of rap music listeners. Unique rap lyrics are readily repeated while lame lyrics are easily forgotten.

Build a crew. Connect with a group of like-minded rappers for strength and support. Since beginning a rap career can be intimidating, it's important to surround yourself with people who have your back. Although you may wish to keep your material independent, your crew can provide opinions on material as well as help you face challenges from other rappers. Choose your crew carefully to avoid stolen lyrics and future battles.

Perfect your skills. Practice your lines and techniques on a consistent basis. Rap lyrics in front of a mirror to see what your audience will see as you perform your material. Develop your “game face” as you rap with members of your crew. Use any spare time to work on timing and phrasing. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel when it’s time to successfully engage an audience.

Start a beef. Choose to take down a rap legend or even a weaker rapper to propel your status and credibility. Assert your dominance by proving your superior rap skills to your target audience. Challenge your rival to a freestyle contest to make the beef well known. Although you should rap aggressively, violence is not a part of defeating your opponent.


Take pride in the material you create to show your commitment to making great music.


Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted lyric.

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