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How to Become a Singer in Canada

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Becoming a singer in Canada requires having an edge over other singers in the form of good music or music that is different but appealing to the general public. Singers who have powerful or excellent voices have a higher chance of becoming professional singers, but average singers can become professionals with enough work, study and interesting music ideas.

Study music. The best singers are those who not only are able to sing on pitch but also can read and write interesting music. Knowing the very basics of reading music is a must for any singer. Study the basics of the music scales and how to read and write music. Keep in mind that every instrument has slight differences in how the music appears, but singers only need the basics unless they intend to become a singer and songwriter.

Take singing lessons. Singing lessons are vital for any singer. They teach proper breathing techniques for warm-up methods for voice quality. Even singers with powerful voices should take singing lessons. Average singers can improve singing technique and power in the voice with singing lessons.

Give live performances. Performances in karaoke bars, on stage as bar entertainment, on TV or even in a park are vital for any singer. Singers must overcome any hint of stage fright, and getting used to live performances is the best way to do this.

Move to the areas in Canada that have music studios. Toronto is the ideal location for any aspiring singer in Canada because it has several recording studios, which means more opportunities for being discovered or for sending demo CDs. Living near a studio is not a guarantee of becoming a singer, but it does improve the chances.

Learn the singing techniques of your favorite singers. Learning the techniques of hitting the high notes or making a voice mellow give an advantage in singing. Not only does it allow for a wide range of techniques, but it helps in finding which type of singing is best for the voice. Every singer has a different voice quality and sound, and learning which sounds best with the voice is vital for any singer.

Send demo CDs to the recording companies in Canada. Toronto has several recording studios and record companies. Companies have a specific process for listening to CDs, so look up the company policies of how CDs are submitted. Submitting a demo to several companies improves the chances of one company calling back.


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