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How to Become an Eye Model

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Eye modeling is just one type of parts modeling, which may also feature hands, feet, legs or lips. Eye models are photographed for marketing and medical materials, makeup and eye care advertisements, promotional handouts and brochures -- but many do not limit themselves to parts modeling. In fact, most parts models start out as regular body models. To specialize in eye modeling, focus on highlighting your best asset.

Meet the Standards

Models generally do not need to meet education or experience requirements. Some agencies may require candidates to be a minimum age, usually 18, but others have no age requirement. Eye models don't need to meet height and weight requirements either, but they must have clear skin and bright eyes. They must be able to control the movements of their eyes and eyebrows through various expressions to fit products and themes in advertising. Successful eye models must be disciplined, detailed, organized, persistent and photogenic.

Build Your Portfolio

Eye models need portfolios filled with various closeups of their eyes in different expressions, from wide-eyed to squinting, as well as photos of their entire face. Women should have pictures showing a range of makeup, from all natural to drastically made up. Your portfolio may include information relevant to modeling, such as prior experience, future goals or anything that sets you apart. The modeling industry is all about networking, so promote your portfolio at trade shows, beauty expos and similar events.

Find a Representative

Several agencies represent parts models, but it's important to find one with a good reputation. Look for agencies that accredited by the Better Business Bureau and that have experience working with well-known models and publications. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the better the agency's reputation is, the more assignments models are likely to get. Increase your chances of getting called back by sending composite cards, which are like business cards filled with your best shots, to companies who advertise glasses, makeup, skincare and other products that use eyes and eyebrows for marketing.

Expand Your Horizons

Most eye models also book jobs for commercial or fashion modeling to grow their client base and increase earnings. Models also appear in website content, digital advertisements and online publications. The BLS expects job growth for models at about 15 percent, which will result in only about 700 new jobs between 2012 and 2022. It notes that big cities, such as Los Angeles and New York City, will most likely have more jobs for models during that time, but competition will be strong.


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