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How to Become an Alcohol Promoter

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To become an alcohol promoter, you need to connect with local distributors in the area. Once you have made your presence known, promoting different types of alcohol will be the easy part. You can promote at festivals, picnics, races and even in local taverns. If you have ever seen the Budweiser Girls, they are promoting the beer. It is always nice to have different promotions going on throughout the year. Once you are established with distributors, you can get promotional tools to help your business. Read on to learn more about how to become an alcohol promoter.

Meet with different distributors in the area to discuss promoting their beer or alcohol. The distributors to meet with are Miller or Budwiser for beer and General Beverage or Badger Liquor for alcoholic beverages. Explain that you want to do promotions in taverns, at picnic and festivals locally. The distributors will give you information pertaining to what they can offer you for advertisements and discounts on their products.

Contact taverns, festival organizers and picnic planners to discuss your service. Many times, you will need to explain in detail what type of product you will promote and how you will promote it at the given time and place.

Line up volunteers or employees to distribute the promotional products. These people will need to be licensed if selling any alcoholic beverages. A bartender's license is all they should need. If they will give out buttons, hats, blinking lights or any none drinking goods to promote the alcohol, they will not need a license.

Plan the day in hour time slots. You will want to have enough products to last through the entire day. Depending on the amount of people that will be in attendance will determine how much of the product you need.

Gather everything together at least three days in advance and set up deliveries with distributors so everything is ready the day of the promotion. If you need to pay anything in advance, this will be done three days before the event as well.


Save any left over promotional non-perishable products for the next event.

Every state has a different name for the beer and alcohol distributors. The ones listed in this article are for Wisconsin.


If you are selling or giving away alcohol, make sure you only give or sell to those over the age of the legal drinking age.