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How to Become a Kid Singer

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So you want to be a kid singer. This dream is one shared by many young people and it usually starts after he or she starts watching music videos or falls in love with a famous singer. The glitz and glam of the entertainment business is very appealing, yet when it comes down to the actual job, it isn’t so easy. Becoming a kid singer takes a lot of discipline, drive and talent. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone who isn’t serious about it. Singing is a job and you need to treat as one. It just happens to be one of those jobs that you can actually have a lot of fun doing.

Write on paper why you want to be a kid singer. List at least three reasons and why they are important to you. Then, post it on the refrigerator. You want to put it in an area that you can look at every day because it will help you during the hard times. On the road to success are times when you feel like you are not succeeding in your goal to be a kid singer and want to give up.

Take singing classes. Even if you have a great voice, you still need to learn how to control it. You can do this by taking a singing class so sign up for any classes like this that your school offers or one with a professional singing coach.

Use every opportunity to sing. If you want to be a kid singer, you have to sing. So start off singing for friends, family and your church, then, take it further. Join competitions and look for opportunities to work a professional gig. You can usually find the latter in plays or commercials that need young talent.

Work on finding your “own” voice. Popular singers usually get an edge over other singers because they are unique. They have the “it” factor that makes them stand out. Find out what that is for you. Maybe you have a voice that is unique to country music. Or, maybe the tone of your voice differs from other singers but in a melodic way. Try to pick it out and perfect it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help.

Have fun singing. If singing doesn’t bring you joy, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Focus on what you enjoy about being a kid singer. Is it the smiles you put on other people’s faces as you sing? Is it the fact that you get to express yourself through song? Figure it out, because when you love singing, you'll get a lifetime of fun.


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