How to Learn 10-Key by Playing Games

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How to Learn 10-Key by Playing Games. Learn to use your number pad with speed and accuracy by playing typing games. You don't have to use traditional learning styles to become a great 10-key typist. Follow these tips to learn 10-key by playing games and having fun.

Try number games like Sudoku. You will practice using all the numbers on your keypad while playing this mind challenging game. Make yourself use only the number pad so you get more practice and try to solve the puzzles as quickly as you can.

Play and practice games to increase your speed and skills. Concentrate on accuracy, speed and correcting errors. You will build confidence as you increase your speed. Aim for games and exercises that will help you with work.

Find online typing games that cover the whole keyboard. Play any games that include the main keyboard and the number pad together because it's good practice switching between the two. You can also skip the main part of the keyboard and concentrate on the number keypad games.

Take typing lessons to learn the basics like finger positions and then use the games to practice what you have learned. You will get the most benefit from the games if you alternate between lessons and games that help you practice what you have learned.

Start the games with your middle finger on the number 5 key. Place your other fingers on each side of the middle key. Treat the keypad like a calculator.

Make sure the games you choose use allow you to use the number pad and include the symbols "$, +, -, *, /" because these symbols are used in math and money calculations.


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