How to Become a Licensed Minister

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Becoming a licensed minister is a serious matter even though some organizations make obtaining your ministerial license as easy as paying a one time fee. Many of these organizations are nothing more than credential mills. It's important to obtain your license from a credible source. As a licensed minister you will be able to perform weddings, officiate funerals, and pastor churches. Here are a few tips to help you become a licensed minister.

Make sure you're called. Ministry is a calling, not just a vocation or job. You must believe that God wants you to become a licensed minister. If you don't feel called, don't do it.

Obtain a covering. Everyone who desires to become a licensed minister should be under the covering of a local church. The pastor of the church should be able to mentor you as you follow your call.

Be faithful to your local church. In Luke 16:12 Jesus said, "If you have not been faithful in what is another man's who will give you what is your own?" It's important that you are faithful to your pastor and local church before becoming a licensed minister. Serving others is the best way to learn how to become a minister.

Obtain training. Everyone needs some type of training whether it be mentoring, college, or correspondence courses. Many fellowships and denominations will grant a ministerial license while you are in training. Your local church may offer training in the form of mentoring or special classes.

Find a credentialing organization. You will need to find an organization that will license you. A licensed minister typically is required to renew their license annually depending upon the organization. Contact the organization your local church is affiliated with to see what their credentialing policies are. Make sure you affiliate with an organization whose beliefs line up with yours.


Spend time with God and study His word. You will need a deep and committed relationship with God to sustain you in ministry.


Ministry can be a joyous thing, but it can also be very challenging. If you're not called by God, there will enormous conflict in your life. Make sure you're called!


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